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My Guest Count does not match my Budget! Ugghh!

Mistake 101 in wedding planning, your guest list does not match the dollars that are allocated for your wedding. Who is paying for the wedding does dictate who will be invited. For instance if the wedding is being hosted by the bride and groom who are paying for the wedding, a set number of guest should be given to the parents. If they would like to invite more guests they are responsible for the cost. The same applies for parents of the bride or groom who are paying for the wedding. A decision needs to be made based on the overall budget on how many the couple, and the parents are allowed to invite. It may sound harsh but boundaries need to be set in order for peace in the planning process.

Keep in mind adding more guests creates a domino effect. Add in the cost of additional guest tables, linens, flowers, guest transportation, invitations, menus, programs, food and beverage count, welcome bags to name a few. Then there is the venue; realistically how many guests will fit comfortably in the ballroom, not compromising the dance floor. Are guests able to get up from their seat without asking the guest sitting in back of them to move or get up.

“How can I cut costs?” Take a look at your guest count and make sure they are close family and friends who you know you will see in your future. Your work friends understand if they are not invited, you are not obligated. Do not count of far away friends not attending but you want to send them an invitation. You will be surprised who may want to combine attending your wedding with a family vacation.